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Green Cleaning - The Means To Enjoy A Safe Spring Cleaning Activity

As spring brings the colors of joy and life to the world, everyone turns over a new leaf and wants to add an element of change and vigor in their lifestyle, to celebrate the arrival of the most beloved season of the year.
As spring brings hope and happiness to all, it also initiates an urge to do and try out something new and enjoy life to the fullest. Whenever someone mentions the spring season, spring cleaning is the first thought that comes to mind. But it is important to compliment the urge to clean your house from the top to the bottom, with simple and safe spring cleaning methods, which would not have a detrimental effect on the health of your family.
The best way to enjoy the beauty of spring is with the best of health; therefore, it is important that you engage in activities which do not pose a risk to your overall wellbeing. Safe spring cleaning is a great way to incorporate a healthy change within a lifestyle, provided it is done without the use of different toxic and chemical cleaning materials. The usual cleaning products available in the market have dangerous chemicals and toxins as their base ingredients, which are very harmful as they cause various skin problems and respiratory disorders in individuals.
Therefore, it is advisable to employ green and safe spring cleaning methods, which are neither a threat to the environment nor to the health of your loved ones.
Let In The Joy Of Spring
Instead of using air fresheners within the house to get rid of the various smells and odors which have become a part of your household, just let in the warmth and pleasant air of spring and let it weave its magic.
Just open your windows and let the clean fresh air fill your lungs and the house, instead of using fresheners which are mostly dangerous for the environment because of their high CFC content.
Clean Carpets The Green Way!
Instead of opting for different hazardous methods to spring clean your old carpet, just sprinkle some baking powder on its surface and sweep it around a bit and let it settle before removing it with a vacuum. It is a great way to remove the smell from your floor rug.
Green Window Cleaning
Instead of spraying chemical window glass cleaning products, opt for a simple yet effective mixture of around two teaspoons of vinegar with a quart of water for the safe and green cleaning of the glass of your house windows. Use a rag or cloth towel instead of a paper towel.
Freshen Up The House With Pleasant Odors
Just use natural herbs and essential oils of lavender and peppermint, in order to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing smell permeating through the house, with no fear of health risk usually posed by chemical air fresheners.
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Green Living Tips For A Better Environment

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Are you aware that the world's resources are fast getting scarcer by the minute? Hectares of forest land are being cleared for urban living. Rivers are getting dirtied by human waste. And the very air that we breathe are getting more polluted. It is about time that we start to do our share for the environment. This article gives a few green living tips to make us a more responsible inhabitants of this planet and help prevent it from deteriorating quickly.
Get your car to run as smooth as possible. This is especially important with cars that are more than a decade old. Because if your vehicle is not properly and regularly maintained, then chances are its gas emissions are not as clean as possible. Make sure your car is tuned up on schedule. And also, if you can walk to your destination, just walk instead of using your car. You get an exercise while at the same time you get to save on gas.
Buy and eat organic food. This is probably one of the best green living ideas proliferating today. Why is it good for the environment? Because with organic food, the farmer did not use any or very few pesticides and other chemicals to grow them. You will be sure that the food you provide to your family is completely healthy and unadulterated.
Learn the habit of recycling. No list of green living tips will be complete without this one. You can start with just about anything that is plastic in your home. The most popular items for recycling are plastic bottles, especially the water bottle ones. There are so many ways that you can recycle a water bottle. You refill it with some liquid items like laundry detergent or dishwasher soap or you can use it as makeshift coin bank. Just use your imagination and you will surely come up with a lot of useful ways for these items.
Open your windows and let the fresh breeze cool your room. Do not rely heavily on your home air conditioning unit or even on your electric fan. Both of these use electricity and you know that electricity comes from gas and fossil fuel. Especially if it is a nice and clear day, it would be better to just open your windows and let the air and sunlight improve the ambiance of your room.
By any chance, are you still using incandescent light bulbs? If yes then you should start converting your light bulbs into compact fluorescent lights or CFLs. These are more efficient and will last longer. But if you can, go with LED lights instead. These are safer because they do not contain any mercury as well as lasting a lot longer than the others. The only drawback to using CFLs is that they contain mercury which is a harmful substance especially for very young children.
These are a few of the green living tips that you can give a try today. Just do at least two of the tips presented here and you will be on a great start to doing your share in saving the environment.
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Selasa, 24 Maret 2015

Top 10 Green Living Ideas

Top 10 Green Living Ideas

1 Reduce Waste
In addition to recycling, there are easy ways to lessen the amount of household waste you create. Carry a reusable container for water instead of buying bottles and opt for washable containers to store food instead of plastic bags. Also, try to buy grains, spices, and other items in bulk to cut down on packaging.

2 Shop Local
In order to support boutiques and markets in your community, shop locally when possible. Doing so lessens the amount of petrol that's used to transport items and funnels money back into your economy.
3 Buy Ethical Accessories
Not all jewellery and bags are equal. To gain peace of mind and add color and style to your wardrobe, choose fair trade accessories produced using sustainable materials made by craftspeople earning a living wage. These items are one-of-a-kind and carry the meaningful stories of the artisans who've produced them.
4 Reduce Gas Consumption
While it may not be practical to go completely car-free, it's important to be mindful of how to lessen the amount of fuel used to get from place to place. Want to cut back? Take public transportation more often, bike to work or the market, and invest in a good pair of walking shoes.
5 Invest in Items that will Last
An assortment of household items that used to be manufactured to last months or years are now available in disposable forms. Think pens, razors, and lighters. To lessen consumption, consider investing in a fountain pen with reusable ink and an electric razor.
6 Recycle Fashion
Vintage and second-hand clothes aren't just hip, they're expanding the good message of eco-chic fashion. Instead of buying new, poorly constructed wearables that may end up in landfills, browse thrift and vintage shops to score better quality, reasonably-priced, and totally unique clothes and accessories.
7 Make your own Household Cleaning Products
There are a slew of effective, chemical-free cleaners that cut environmental toxins and decrease air pollution. Simple products like vinegar, tea tree oil, lemon, and baking soda can unclog drains, polish glasses, and make windows spotless. A simple on-line search will turn up recipes.
8 Eat Smarter
If you're a meat eater, try eliminating one portion a week. Doing so is better for your pocketbook and lessons the load on the environment. Also, consider planting a garden in your backyard, at a community p-patch, or at a friend's house. Eating homegrown fruits and veggies will result in promoting healthy diets and using less produce packaging.
9 Compost
Composting cuts out chemical-based gardening products and is an easy way to turn yard and kitchen waste into nutritious soil food. Planning to harvest organic produce? Good news: compost naturally betters plant growth.
10 Explore Green Careers
If you're an eco-minded advocate of choosing green items for your home or wardrobe, consider a green career. The growing green-collar workforce is making gains in a number of industries, including biotech, agriculture, and energy. There are also plenty of jobs for writers, stylists, and chefs looking to change careers while bettering the environment. 
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Green Living Ideas - Save Earth and Save Life

Green living makes us to live healthily. It saves money and also environment. It is essential to live Green in order to save the earth from global warming. It is our responsibility to save our earth and it is in our hands to save the earth. But we don't know what are the ideas are to follow for green living. There are some ideas to follow for living green.
The main ideas for living green is reduce the dust that we discard from our home. Now, so many companies are also taking many steps for reducing their packages. This is a good idea to follow for living green. The other idea we have to follow is Reuse durable containers and products. It is a good way to use these products. If we are not having any necessary with those products at least we have to give to the others who are in need of it. Recycle is also one of the best ideas for living green.
The other major ideas for living green are
1. Firstly loving the planet is one of the major ideas for living green. Using organic products and cosmetics is also a major idea to lead a life green. Use hormone free dairy products and try to buy these products in glass bottles. Because these are reusable.
2.Try to grow a plants or trees which give more oxygen. Avoid the plastic covers because these are not reusable. And these take 1000 years to dissolve in earth.
3. There are also some easy ways to live green. Easy green living is nothing but living green without making much effort. There are some easy ways or ideas to live green. Make a small difference to live green.
4. Water conservation is one of the easy ways to live green. It is an important resource because we can't live with out it. Water conservation also saves money. But we generally waste so much water in so many ways. Try to reduce using water level makes the life green. The simple ways to conserve water are using low flowed shower heads, using less water when washing clothes or dishes, see there is no leakage in taps and try to use sprinklers for the land. These are some of the ways to conserve water.
5. Another way of living green is eating local food. The farmer market is a best one to get a local food. It not only gives energy but also saves money. The food that is obtained from a farmer market is cultivated by hand not by using fuel. And try to grow the vegetables and leafy vegetables in house. Because farmers may use the pesticides but we never use this in our home. We use water to cultivate the plants which is one of the green substances.
6. Coming to another way of living green that is recycling. Recycling is coming from several number of years. Now there are so many recycling centers to drop our goods in it. We may not use the goods so we can give the at least for the people who are in need of it.
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Green Living Ideas Save More Than Planet

Green living ideas are soaring in popularity for several reasons. For starters, it is obvious that these Earth friendly solutions can help the environment, and best of they will save you money.
It seems odd now to think about how wasteful many traditional energy practices have been in the past. At one time gas guzzling cars were the norm, and people gave little thought to filling up their gas tanks as often as they liked. Gas was cheap and no one had really given any consideration to what was happening to the climate or the ozone layer. Even home energy bills were relatively cheap even though there was little being done to promote energy efficient homes at the time.
Now we understand that green living ideas are our key to creating a better future for both our families and our planet. This has meant rethinking the way that we live and learning to be more conservation minded in our daily habits. It also means learning how to appreciate and harness renewable energy sources.
Here are some of the most useful tips that center on green living ideas that make real sense; and help you save dollars and cents.
• Home composting is one of green living ideas that is often overlooked. Purchase a kitchen composting bin to collect those scraps of food. Then you can regularly carry your kitchen scraps to an outside composter. This will generate fertilizer for your yard and garden that is free of pesticides and chemicals. Going organic with home compost saves money and is a perfect way to show your support for green living.
Of course you can always take your enthusiasm for green living by investing in a residential solar powered energy system or construct a home wind turbine. These ideas frequently involve an initial investment that can cost you thousands of dollars up front if you are going to purchase one of the larger solar powered systems for your home.
The biggest thing to remember is that the costs for solar power systems increase substantially depending on how much of your home you are going to convert to this sustainable energy source. A little planning can help you keep costs well within your budget.
While solar powered energy systems can definitely save you money you can use the following ideas to help trim the initial cost that may be required. A little modification and updating of your windows and doors for instance can save you big dollars when you are finally ready to have your home solar panels installed.
If you want to begin your new green lifestyle with smaller steps try these ideas for starters.
• Change out the old incandescent lights and replace them with efficient CFL bulbs.
• Check your windows for air leaks and cracks that could be costing you energy dollars that are draining your bank account. While you may need to breathe air your windows should be a bit more "breathless". Calking around the sills can help save money. Installing double paned windows and using drapes to cover the exposed glass can also cut energy costs. Energy leaks at windows not only cost you money the wasted energy creates extra consumer demands that are ultimately harmful for the environment.
• Check and replace leaking seals on your doors if air leaks are detected. There are many of these home improvement products that can quickly be attached to doors to eliminate unnecessary air exchange.
• Keep your home thermostats set on 68 or lower during the cool months of the year. This is healthier for you and it is one of the easiest green living ideas to initiate immediately.
• Have your HVAC system checked by an expert so you can make sure that it is functioning at optimum capacity. 
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